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Enviro-Ridge Permeable Ditch Check

Enviro-Ridge is an improved, patented, low profile lightweight, flexible and permeable plastic check dam for sediment control in ditch channels. Enviro-Ridge reduces water velocity by distributing water over a wider area of the ditch bottom, facilitating sedimentation and re-vegetation. By dissipating energy and reducing flow velocity, Enviro-Ridge causes sediment to settle near the up-slope side of each berm. In addition, its triangular configuration provides a protective shelter for newly emerging vegetation.

Enviro-Ridge’s patented design is low-profile and lightweight, constructed of permeable plastic, making it flexible and very easy to use and install on-site. The flexible structure makes it very adaptable to various types of terrain, allowing it to conform to uneven ground and varying ditch shapes. This adaptable fit makes it one of the best solutions on the market when used in conjunction with Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs).

EnviroRidge is constructed as a permeable structure, designed to slow water to promote sedimentation. The EnviroRidge product will help persuade sediment settlement towards the up-slope side of each berm by managing flow velocity in that area.

The Enviro-Ridge ditch barriers are installed as a series of berms starting at the toe of the back-slope or side-slope, and gradually extending up the slope following the edge of ditch or channel. The Enviro-Ridge structures help mitigate the effects of water erosion and the resulting flow of sediment to sensitive areas, such as aquatic habitats located downstream in the channel. Enviro-Ridge acts as an energy dissipater, helping to improve water quality and remove sediment from fresh water flow.

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